Adanac Military Navigator's Watch

Review and images by Bob

Hyunsuk already did a comprehensive review of this watch.  I won't repeat everything he said in his wonderful review.  Most of the information in my review is subjective and based on my personal thoughts regarding the Adanac navigator's watch. 

This quartz watch made by Marathon Watch Company (Gallet and Company) was issued to United States Air Force (USAF) pilots and navigators through the 1980's.  Around the time of Desert Storm, the USAF switched to the current fiber/resin cased Marathon Navigator's watches.  Though the two watches share much in the way of design and operation, the earlier metal cased watch has a much more solid feel as well as a more rugged look.   Between the two watches, the Adanac definitely holds more appeal for collectors.

The precise chapters and hands make the Adanac one of the most legible watches ever issued to military personnel.  A liberal dose of tritium on the hands and dial further added  to legibility when the watch was new.  This watch was manufactured in February 1986, and sadly, the hands no longer luminesce as bright in the dark.

There is a battery hatch that can be opened with a coin or other suitable tool.  As with most genuine military issue watches, the bars are of the fixed lug type.  The markings on the back of this watch read:

FEB 1986

The large, easy to grip crown is screw down to help maintain water resistance.

This is actually my favorite way to wear the Adanac.  The 20mm nylon issue strap tends to run long.  Rather than cut the strap, I fold the strap in half and run the buckle through two strap holes.  In this way, much of the tail stays out of the way and the stub tucks neatly into the loop.

The Adanac will undoubtedly become one of  the "new breed" of classic military issue watches as available specimens of World War II and Vietnam era watches gradually disappear.  Now is the time to pick up one of these for your collection.  They are still available for less than $200.  I predict this watch will greatly increase in value over time.



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