Benrus Dive watch Update

Since I wrote the review of Benrus Type 1 dive watch (that belonged to my friend) last year, I finally manage to acquire a Type 1 for myself. It is the sterile version without any military inscriptions on the caseback other than a serial number (also known as the CIA model). It was purchased along with a Type 2 from a collector of Vietnam-era NAVY SEAL items. I shall write a review soon on the sterile Type 1, but before then, I'll let the readers of enjoy the preliminary photos... Click the photos for larger image.


From left to right: Benrus Type1 Sterile, Type 1 Class A, and Type 2 Class A (markings shown on the watchstand do
not correspond to the watches being displayed).

Benrus Type 1 Sterile

Benrus Type 1 Class A

Benrus Type 2 Class A

Now for a snapshot with contemporary models...

From left to right: Marathon Navigator FMJ (1990), Benrus Type 1 Sterile, Benrus Type 1 Class A, Benrus Type 2 Class A, Marathon Navigator Fibercase (1995)