The Ninth Annual Military Watch Resource Christmas Drawing


Welcome to the 9th annual MWR Christmas Drawing.  For those of you who have never taken part in an MWR Christmas, here's how it works:

A portion of your entry fee will go towards paying for one grand prize package.  The remainder will go towards a charity (The Special Olympics program).  The winners are chosen at random after the entry cut-off date. 

These are the past winners:

1st Annual Christmas Drawing: Rolex 5513 (Alan N.)

2nd Annual Christmas Drawing: IWC MK XI (Bob W.)

3rd Annual Christmas Drawing: JLC MK XI (Bryon Bass)

4th Annual Christmas Drawing: Proto Omega Seamaster (Alex Struk)

5th Annual Christmas Drawing: Sinn EZM1 ZTZ (Frank Pompeo)

6th Annual Christmas Drawing: Matching serial number SAR Set (Scott S.)

7th Annual Christmas Drawing: Omega Seamaster 300 (Cecil)

8th Annual Christmas Drawing: Marathon CSAR Chrono (LA Kevin)

9th Annual Christmas Drawing: vintage Tudor Submariner (Rafael Torrens)

Once again, this year's Christmas Drawing will be hosted by Richard.

Here is Richard's announcement:

****MWR 2008 Christmas Drawing****

MWRines and Friends of MWR

Its time again for our annual Christmas Raffle! This year promises to be the biggest and best yet. There will be prizes from some of our best known and long time sellers on MWR as well as individual donations.

Tickets are $25.00 each, or four for $100* and you may purchase as many as you like. If you buy 4 tickets at $100.00*, you will receive a 5th ticket free (5th ticket will be calculated at no additional cost at time of draw.). As you know, all proceeds will go to a bona fide charity. This is your chance to possibly win a great prize and make a worthy donation!

* Special note: There is a transaction fee charge to offset the Paypal surcharge. We are trying to keep the donation as close to multiples of $25 as possible. Thanks for your understand in this matter.


Purchasing Tickets

Paypal is the preferred purchase method. I will acknowledge via email every ticket purchase. If you must use the mail to send a check, send it to me: R. Levenson, 135 East 50th Street, Suite 110, New York, NY 10022. I will deposit your check and when it clears I will deposit the funds into the MWR Drawing Paypal account and send you an acknowledgement. Again, direct Paypal payments are preferred, please.  Questions? Please email me:

Please use the Paypal button to make payment:

Last day to purchase will be December 21, 2008.  The drawing will end at 1300 hours PST.



Donations typically come from individual members and those sellers of quality merchandise who advertise with regularity on the PX. Items can be watches, straps, bracelets, watch tools, books, a watch service and regulation by a reputable watchperson who is well-known to MWRines, and other items that have stimulated interest on the PX such knives, survival gear, clothing, etc. Please do not pledge a donation if you do not intend to follow through. Last year we had an issue with that in at least one case.

If you would like to donate an item for the Drawing, please email Billy (billy@*REMOVE-SPAM* to advise him of your donation and to obtain additonal details. 


Prize List 2008 

This year's Grand Prize:

Vintage Tudor Sub kindly provided by James Dowling:

Consolation prizes:

(Click) here for the Prize List Thread

1. 5 NATO "dmh" straps of winner's choice - kindly donated by DMH
2. 5 NATO "dmh" straps of winner's choice - kindly donated by DMH
3. $50 gift certificate to MKII watches - kindly donated by Bill in Sacramento
4. BIN Victorinox German Army Knife - kindly donated by Billy
5. Stocker & Yale "Compass, Magnetic, Unmounted" /wrist compass - kindly donated by Andy Lewis
6. a pair of 19mm Omega 518 endpieces (may or may not be reproduction - from O. Frei) - kindly donated by Tim M.
7. 500ml bottle of Mr. Dowling's olive oil (by MWRine reports to be some of the very best olive oil to be found!) - kindly donated by James Dowling
8. Ultimate Tastes of Chicago (1 Cheese or Sausage Pizza, 1 Slab of Carson's Ribs, the Vienna Hotdog Kit & 1 Eli's Plain Cheesecake. Some great treats from Chicago, a $95 value.) US address only / no PO Boxes - kindly donated by Clayman
9. Aero Leather A2 size 42 with 'nose art'; only been worn a couple of times & still needs breaking in - kindly donated by James Dowling
10. Flag flown in the winner's honor by either the 381st EFS (F-15E, 'Bold Tigers') or 75th EFS (A-10C, 'Tigersharks') out of Bagram Airfield in Operation Enduring Freedom, complete with certificate and frame (Provisos listed below) - kindly donated by Shawn Stanford
11. Like new 20mm Jubilee bracelet (generic make, non-folded links)
- Brand new 20mm rubber strap with flip lock - kindly donated by Frank
12. ZERO HOUR mil-watch book - kindly donated by BJP (Ben)
13. NIB, Gerber Guardian "Back-up" knife - kindly donated by ELRRP
14. NIB, Gerber Guardian "Back-up" knife - kindly donated by ELRRP
15. Choice Sea Fighter day/date (Type II/OCN1/OCN2) from the pre-built line up - kindly donated by Bill Yao
16. withdrawn - legal concerns shipping sharps overseas.
17. neck knife of 0-1 tool steel - made by and kindly donated by Jim M. (winner should insure the knife is legal to ship and own).
18. Black Bund strap - kindly donated by BrianDumais
19. Beads-of-rice style Omega marked bracelet (18.8mm) - kindly donated by Martin
20. civilian Grana - black dial and stainless snap back case ("Not an issued piece, but looks the part"); pix to follow - kindly donated by L.A.kevin
21. German army knife, Timex plastic watch. Civvie version of the rare 46374; Like new and running well! Appropriatey strapped, U.S.N. 1944 WWII issued plastic whistle on lanyard (which I assume is original) Has teethmarks! -- A matching color ensemble! kindly donated by Joel M in New Jersey
22. "IWW Spa Treatment" - kindly donated by Jack@IWW
23. BNIB Marathon composite navigator with date along with a brand new ACU camo molle gadget pouch and a brand new Puma Master knife. - kindly dontated by Mike Wolff
24. HIRSCHKRONE blade Bund pilot knife - kindly donated by John L.
25. NIB CRKT M16-14FDZ - kindly donated by John L.
26. a vintage Calypso depthmeter - kindly donated by Martin



We are accepting all donations, as usual. Appropriate donations include watches, watch-related items such as straps, cases, winders, knives, in short - anything of that might be of interest to a MWRine as per our Unplugged themes. Also, we are continuing to work on a Grand Prize. Stay tuned for more on what the prize will be.

If you would like to donate an item, please email Billy and let him know exactly what you are donating - DO NOT MAIL BILLY THE DONATED ITEM!. This year we are attempting to cut down on costs (i.e., postage) by asking people who donate items to mail them directly to the winner - Billy will coordinate this and be the go-between as well.