Marathon's GG-W-113 Military Watch

Review and images by H. Seung

Hey, take a look at this watch! It's a rare variant of GG-W-113 military watch, manufactured by Marathon Watch Co. The watch belongs to a friend of mine. When he first mentioned that he had a Marathon made GG-W-113, I could not believe him since the only GG-W-113s I have seen to date were made by Hamilton, Benrus, and maybe a few by Waltham. Please note that I had to literally beg him so that I could borrow the watch, take pictures, and write this review. Well, here it is!

Marathon's version of GG-W-113 is special in numerous aspects. Although typical GG-W-113 watches have basic 24 hour marked black dial, this one has "MARATHON, U.S. GOVERNMENT, 17 JEWELS, SWISS" printed on the dial. It is also special in that it has the H3 and radioactive propellar symbol on the dial. Other GG-W-113 watches do not have these symbols. I guess not all GG-W-113 watches are the same.

The stainless steel case is also unique to Marathon. It is not shaped like other GG-W-113 watches. Some British military issue watches, namely CWC and Precista, were found to use the same case but fitted with quartz movement. It has fixed strap bars and takes a 18mm one-piece nylon band. The one shown here is equipped with proper black-colored band, to comply with Mil. Spec. GG-W-113.

The 17 jewels mechanical wind-up movement is interestingly signed "GALLET". The hack feature is also present in the watch, confirming the fact that it is indeed made according to GG-W-113 military specification.

The watch was issued in 1984, making it the oldest dated Marathon watch I have ever seen. Most of the Marathons I have seen were issued in the nineties. Here is the full military marking inscribed on the caseback:


What those codes mean will be left as an exercise to the readers.

More exciting military watch reviews to come later, so stay tuned!!

Marathon's GG-W-113 Military Watch Photo Album by H. Seung