The MWR Collector's Patch

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The MWR Collector's Patch has arrived.  This first run patch was custom embroidered in the USA especially for the MWR community. The patch is patterned after unit and squadron patches of the United States Armed Forces.  The patches commemorate the launch date of the Military Watch Resource; January 17, 2000, and features a stylized "Bulldog" logo. 

These iron-on cloth patches measure approximately 4 inches tall by 3 inches wide, and are suitable for attachment to jackets, shirts, and soft luggage bags.

By purchasing one of these patches, you are not only showing your dedication to our little community, but you are helping to defray the monthly costs of the MWR server and domain.

A special thanks go out to Ned who spent long hours designing and making the project come to life.

The first patch run is limited and are being offered first come first serve for $5* each. 

Paypal is the preferred payment option, but you can email for credit cards and other forms of payment.

$5.00 each

* approximately $1.75 postage and handling for one, $3.85 for two or more.  I will ship internationally, no problem.